Schedule for Annual Conference 2019

Hey, alumni! If you’re planning to come to Auburn for the CVM’s Annual Conference, be sure to stop by the OTS House and join us for various exciting events! We hope to see you there!

2019 Annual Conference Events2

Grand Council 2019!!


It’s your Zeta crew, reppin’ it in Athens GA!

On September 27-29, 10 OTS members drove to Athens, Georgia to take part in the annual Grand Council! The weekend was packed with fun from start-to-end, and all of it an experience that we won’t soon forget. It was a wonderful chance to meet members from other chapters across North America, including the host chapter, Eta, the Gamma chapter from THE Ohio State University (lookin’ at you Ohio!), and the unstoppable party powerhouse that is the Canadian Delta chapter.

The first night was a bar-crawl across the sprawling Athens downtown – which has the highest bar density of any American city! On Saturday, our delegates attended the GC meeting and gained valuable insight on the other chapter’s activities and what we can improve.

While they were at the meeting, the rest of us began the Gonzo Games, a compilation of drinking games between the chapters. There was a slip ‘n slide, beer pong in all its variations, and the incredibly foolish “bucket chug” (only the Canadian team finished that event). After a day of fun, water, dirt, and beer, we brought home the 3rd place trophy!

After the Games we had a banquet, and then we went back to the Eta chapter’s House to keep the party going. There was a mechanical bull to ride, good dancing music, and wonderfully cool evening weather keeping everyone’s spirits high. It was certainly hard to wake up and drive back to Auburn the following morning!!

Grand Council is one of the greatest privileges of being an OTS member. I’d like to encourage all members to find the time to go at least once during their time in vet school. Next year it’s hosted by the Gamma chapter in Ontario – THAT will put our cold tolerance and liver integrity to the test!


One Love Pets

One Love Pets is a group we have partnered with to raise money in support of the Montgomery Humane Society’s heartworm treatment fund by selling these OLP tags! If you did not already know about this organization, “One Love Pets” is a non-profit organization that provides parasite preventative medications and treatment of disease caused by parasites for dogs and cats in need. Please visit to learn more about their wonderful organization. Because they are a group that branches out to many veterinary schools around the country (and internationally), they host a Virtual 5K, allowing runners around the world to connect and support animals in need! Because the run is “virtual,” it allows supporters to customize their run to their own pace and schedule.