Fall Initiation 2016

Last night, OTS welcomed the newest members to our Oatie family. 14 pledges from the class of 2020 were initiated, followed by the Big/Little reveal. The Big/Little reveal is traditionally filled with crazy hats, silly poems, a lot of hugging, and gifts of course!  We spent the rest of the night getting to know the new members with drinks, games, and a bonfire (the weather was absolutely perfect). Some of our alumni even made a surprise visit! It was a great night, and we always love to see our family grow.


Spirited Art Paint Night!

Last week, our 4 o’clock club was a private paint session with Auburn Spirited Art. OTS invited members, pledges, and friends to all join in on the fun. We had plenty of wine and cheese as well as some VERY close instruction. As you can see, we all had a great time and everyone’s paintings turned out beautifully!


Paws For A Cause 5K

Unfortunately, when our chapter starts to raise money for a philanthropy, we are forced to choose one cause. However, as we all know “cancer sucks in every color”, and this was our theme for the Paws for a Cause 5K that Zeta Chapter held last semester. Rather than decide what cancer organization received the benefits for the 5K, we had the runners decide! When they registered for the race, the runners wrote down which disease has effected their lives the most and where they would like to see the money donated. We then chose the top 5 which are as follows

  1. Breast Cancer
  2. Lung Cancer
  3. Pediatric Cancer
  4. The American Cancer Society
  5. Leukemia/Lymphoma

This race brought in over $2000.00, and OTS was able to donate $400.00 to each of these organizations. It was a HUGE success and we are already planning next year’s race.



Decades Party with Pi Chapter

In the spring, Pi and Zeta Chapters of OTS paired up for a great time! A Decades party was held at the house, where each class dressed up as a different decade. First years were eighties, second years were seventies, and third years were nineties. At the end, some of the alumni present chose a winner between Pi and Zeta! It was a night of a lot of laughs and great memories. We always love visits from our brothers down the street.


Greek Games: OTS vs Alpha Psi

At the end of the spring semester, OTS invited the guys of Alpha Psi to the house for some friendly competition! The games included volleyball, veterinary trivia, and even human Hungry Hungry Hippo. Although OTS did not bring home the trophy (which was an OTS/Alpha Psi Greek Games trophy from 30 years ago found at the Alphi Psi house), we still had a great time getting to know our vet school colleagues. Maybe next year we’ll be able to bring home the gold!


Annual Conference 2016

In April, Zeta Chapter hosted a night of Las Vegas themed fun for the return of our wonderful alumni! On Friday night, a live auction took place which allowed the chapter to raise about $500! We auctioned off hand-made art, wine, and a LOT of football stuff (War Eagle right?). This night really allowed for members to meet and mingle with Zeta Alumni, who support us in so much.

We really look forward to this event every year, and I know our alumni relations chair Kat really put a lot of work into making this night a success!

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Trivia Night with OTS

Last night, OTS put on a Trivia Night for the AUCVM Community. This was a great night that included catch all trivia ranging from the arts to sports to entertainment. We even threw in a couple bonus questions about chameleons and crocodiles! There was a great turnout, and everyone had a lot of fun. The winner of our event (The Gina Davis All Stars) received a $100 cash prize! A huge thanks to our fundraising chair Megan Hardy for doing all of the planning for the wonderful night!