Member Spotlight on our lovely Christa Morrison!!!

Today we are doing a member spotlight on our Rush Chair Christa Morrison! Hailing from Gardendale, AL, Christa joined the Auburn family as an Animal Sciences major in undergrad and then joined the 2022 class of Auburn vet school.  An active member of Auburn Vet School, Christa is in not only SAVMA but survey club, SVECCS (emergency and critical care) and pathology clubs too!  Christa often hangs out at the house with her husband Dan and her 3 pups.  Christa’s mix breeds scaredy Jack and crazy Duglet love to bound around the fenced yard at the OTS house while her chihuahua Bella hands out on the porch with Christa and Dan. Her gorgeous cat Sarasa gets to have some peace with the pups off playing at the OTS house. Christa is looking forward to working in small animal medicine after graduating but is interested in Public health too.  She is an amazing member who is a constant joy to be around and OTS Zeta is lucky to have her.



After Spring break, COVID changed colleges across the nation and worldwide.   Auburn University, like most colleges, converted to completely online courses in response to the Coronavirus.  Our members had fun with front porch pools, creative E-collars, gardening and making masks for donations.  We also enjoyed responsibly socializing at the OTS house with social distancing doggy play dates!

White Carnation 2020

Oaties out in their finery at White Carnation 2020.  We presented the Senior superlatives like “Most Encouraging OTS Member” and “Most Likely to Marry a Canadian.”  Our new pledges came out and partied with us!

Eric Mize was presented with the “Most Outstanding Senior” award and Christa Morrison was presented with the “Most Outstanding Pledge” award due to their dedication to Zeta Chapter!

During the party, we had a raffle for various donations like Dechra, Hills, Purina, and AVESS.  All proceeds of the raffle are donated to the Good Samaritan Fund at Bailey Small Animal Hospital!